how to make sure that you have a photo of each guest?

Posted October 22, 2009  in for brides and grooms

How to make sure that you have a photo of each guest?

Especially when you decide to go away from the traditional, hundreds of boring posed formal pictures and employ reportage style photographers, who will take some lovely portraits of your guests but can’t really spend too much time thinking about table shots.

There are many ways. Some of our clients rented a photo booth, which looked like great fun and the photo booth guys also took care of the guest book.


Getting an additional assistant, who will do the table shots, with or without props, is another solution.

We shot at one wedding where friends decided to make a guest book as a present for the couple using an empty frame as a prop.  I have to admit that the attitude of the guests changes quite visibly when they were able to latch onto something that made them feel less ‘naked’ in front of the lens.


If there are not too many guests then get your bridesmaids to work with Polaroid cameras while they are entering the reception room. I guess this works best if the number of guests doesn’t go over 70. The pictures can be stuck into the guest book during the wedding breakfast or after and signed by the guest in the evening.


And the last, which I guess can be fun or not, depending on the imagination of your guests, is to leave little disposable cameras on the tables. You may end up looking at 200 pictures of somebody’s feet and red eyes, but it doesn’t have to be that bad.

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