Delia and Dan at Bush Music Hall in London

Posted January 1, 2010  in for brides and grooms

Delia and Dan’s wedding wasn’t just a wedding. It was a collection of many events, worked out to the tiniest detail to create this wonderful, very joyful carnivalesque meeting of friends and family, all ready to have a fantastic time together – and a fantastic time they had!

Starting with Delia’s dress which reminded me of Shakespeare’s Titania, entering the world of dream and fantasy, full of feathers and butterflies, it was a one off.

Delia and Dan1

couple on the red bus

Then there was the red bus journey from the ceremony to the venue with an accordion player and singing and maraca rattling, just warming up for more to come…

Accordion player

music on the red bus

… and finally entering the world of music and masquerade at the Bush Music Hall with more surprises to come, like the favors in the form of fethered masks, little harlequin hats and curly paper squeakers immediately getting all the guests into a carnival mood

Bush Music Hall

carnival favours

carnival favours 2

Even taking pictures in the photobooth also looked like fun and gave the couple an instantaneous guest book organized by the same company.

photobooth 2

And all this topped off with crazy jewish dancing and throwing the couple around in big leather armchairs…

Jewish dance

dancing at Bush Music Hall

first dance

These wedding was a real treat for us!

And it’s a note from Delia and Dan

Dear Aga & Jason,
We just wanted to say how thrilled we are with our photos. Since we’ve been away we’ve not had much time to think about the wedding, but you’re photos have brought it all back to us. We’re very grateful to have found such talented photographers for our wedding, the images are stunning and are the icing on the (meat) cake! Thank you so much. Looking back it was a really fun day, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did 🙂
Wow, what an amazing DVD!!!! One of my big regrets is I didn’t have a videocamera, and this montage to music more than makes up for it.
We are absolutely thrilled, thanks again for everything,
Kind Regards,
Delia & Dan 🙂 🙂

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