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Posted October 21, 2009  in weddings

It was pure luck followed by word of mouth and recommendations which landed us with the more ‘ethnic’ weddings such as Jewish, Greek Orthodox, Chinese and Hindhi events. Without wishing to detract from the wonderful potentialities of Anglican ceremonies and celebrations, it has to be said that these were amazing events for us to photograph, for no other reason than the diversity of approach and contents of the different ceremonies.

The Hindhi weddings are, of course, rather stripped down versions of the true, full length versions in India itself, but they remain dazzlingly colourful and eventful ceremonies, much like the Chinese tea-ceremonies where the family bling is handed down from generation to generation in the form of gold necklaces and bangles. The Greek Orthodox ceremony is more impressive than touching, particularly when shot in a real Basilica, such as the Basilica of Sophia in Bayswater; and the money dance, is of course, a spectacular event. The Jewish celebrations include tossing the Bride and Groom around in chairs as they hang on for dear life and try to exchange a handkerchief and any celebratory event attended by Nigerian tribesfolk in full pastel coloured silk regalia has to be seen to be believed. So all in all, it has been a particularly colourful and fascinating couple of seasons for us and we look forward to an equally busy and varied season next year! Many thanks to all our past clients and to our future ones – we look forward to meeting you all, and the more diverse, the better!! Jason and Aga.

Jewish dancing


and more jewish dancing…


Even transport of the guests from the ceremony to the venue can be an event on its own sometimes.

Accordion player on the red bus with the couple.


Hindu wedding ceremonies are our favorites to photograph details


or simple emotions


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