Winter Weddings

Posted October 21, 2009  in for brides and grooms, for photographers

Summer is over and it has brought some thoughts about winter weddings.

Most couples decide to get married in the summer and it is totally understandable… drinks reception in the garden, portraits using natural light and lovely summer wedding dresses.

But although very different, winter weddings can also offer a number of delightful and unexpected lighting opportunities, both artificial and ambient. Winter weddings can, of course be quite challenging for this very reason but the rewards can be great and, to repeat, unexpected. The sensitivity of the latest camera sensors is such that, with the correct lenses, the toughest interior and exterior shots – provided it isn’t minus 20 degrees – can now become part of a photographers flash-free creative vocabulary.

I thought I would post a few pictures from the previous winter weddings which show the magic of festive time.

Groom waiting for bride at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy.

Img2993 copy

Christmas crackers!!


The wedding masquerade… one of our favorite ever wedding! Simple idea and so much fun.


Winter church service with candles.


Pembroke Lodge in Autumn.



Mistletoe is always is a winter wedding favourite.


And mistletoe again…


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