Do you own a DSLR? If so you are either a professional photographer (at one extreme), or someone who is keen but almost completely unschooled in what photography is all about (at the other end).

Getting a DSLR is not merely a huge step up from a compact or so called ‘hybrid’, it is entering an entirely new system, a system which – although pricey – will allow you, for the first time, to creatively engage with the fascinating, challenging and rewarding world of creative photography. If this is not the reason you own a DSLR then it is pointless to own one. But as a beginner you need to know a few things about photography and the way the DSLR system works within this medium that you won’t find in the manual. A beginner’s course is a great way to demystify a few things and give you the kick-start you need.

This popular course will not only explain the mechanics of the typical DSLR system but will also offer fun, hands-on exercises and at times fascinating insights into the world of pure photography as a medium and how the DSLR system engages with and exploits this medium. You will learn your way around the body, inside and out, the different lenses, flash systems and how all these interract both individually and as an integrated system with the challenge of creative photography.