Laura and Gary at Shennanton House in Scotland

Posted January 12, 2010  in for brides and grooms

Laura and Gary’s wedding had a real close family and friends feeling.
There was no ‘ticking the wedding day boxes’ like cutting the cake or the first dance, but rather finding what everybody had in common and would enjoy doing together.
The couple and their guests were staying at the venue, Shennanton House in Scotland, before and after the wedding creating the atmosphere of a little holiday.

Shennanton House

reception room

The wedding day started with breakfast together, all women in one part of the house and men in the other, opening the best wishes cards, just like opening presents on Christmas morning.

Laura and the girls

Laura preparations

The ceremony was very personal with the brother of the bride playing the guitar and everybody joining in the more joyful hymns.

Laura and Gary

Laura and Gary confetti

At the venue the guests were amused by a magician during the drinks reception and breaks in the meal, finishing his performance with a few tricks in front of everybody.
This gave us, the photographers, a great opportunity to shoot nice, natural portraits of the guests without being too intrusive.

guests and magician

Laura and magician

Laura and Gary 4

And all this was finished with the performance of the Blues Brothers tribute band with people joining the singing and dancing….

blues brathers tribute

Laura and bb tribute

We were really taken by the incredible friendliness of our hosts and their guests and are very happy that they found us in the sea of the photographers; it didn’t bother them that we live hundreds of miles away, because recording this great event with great photography was what mattered.

Laura and Gary 2

Laura and Gary 3


Laura and Gary wrote to us after the wedding:
Hello Jason and Aga,
Thank you so much for our beautiful photos. We absolutely love love love them!!
The day they came we watched the DVD over and over again (till 3.30am actually). We don’t know how we will ever narrow it down to make an album because we love all of them. You captured our special day perfectly and we are so lucky to have found out about you.

Thanks again,
With best wishes from us all.

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